A NEW ORDER (Live Drafts @ The Yard)

Breath. No pain, no gain. Enlightenment. Recover.

2 years ago, Barry met Bernárd. Both Irish, gay, and culturally Catholic. Barry is a performer. Bernárd is a priest.

Bernárd Lynch is an LGBTQ+ activist who delivered the last rites to queer men in the early AIDS years. His defiance of the Catholic Church resulted in them framing him for child abuse in a well-documented trial. Bernárd was found not guilty.

Weaving and blurring this extraordinary story with Barry’s own experiences of religion and sexuality, Outbox Theatre present a visceral exploration of queer spirituality. Expect latex. And running.


Writer/performer - Barry Fitzgerald
Director - Ben Buratta
Designer - Rūta Irbīte
Produced by The Queer House

Performance: The Yard Theatre, Weds 2 May 2018 (9pm)
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